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It's time for parties to be fun again

Newsflash: you don’t have to go crazy when you plan a party. Save time, money, and sanity with our fun, simple, and budget-friendly party plans.

Plan a Party and Still Love Your Life

Parties can be stressful and expensive, but our goal is to make them less so for you. Check out our tips for feeling completely zen (or at least not hyperventilating) during party planning and saving a little money, too.

Save Money

It’s totally possible to be cheap AND classy. Check out our tips for throwing a fun party without spending half of your paycheck or selling all your stuff.

Party Sans Stress

Too often, the party host doesn’t get to enjoy the celebration. We don’t think that’s right! Read our tips to help you plan a party without needing therapy.

Plan Ahead

We’ve created checklists and worksheets to help you plan ahead and make party day super fun and stress-free for everyone. See what we’ve got!

So many things to celebrate

parties for Kids

Whether your kiddo is obsessed with bubbles, cars, or space, we've got a party plan for you.

Family Parties

Party with the people you love the most. We'll help you create fun memories with your fam.

Adult Parties

When we say adult parties, we mean things only you can appreciate...a 90s party with pogs or a Harry Potter party complete photo booth props.

Date Night

Celebrate your relationship with at-home dates that'll make you feel like you've ventured out of your kitchen.


Get more ideas for food, family traditions, and more fun for the holidays you love and some you may not have known about.

Life events

We'll help you plan some of life's most awesome events without spending a fortune. Check out our baby shower, anniversary, landmark birthday, and wedding ideas!

Hey! We're James and Mandy

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